Bleach Wash with a twist of color

Elevating the Bleach Wash trend with the use of color.

When we decided to do our Bleach Wash Capsule Collection we didn’t know what to expect. It was a bit out of our realm so we decided to make it a limited release. We saw a high demand for our bleach wash shirts and decided to elevate them with our latest drop.

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Stripe Shirts are Fashion Essentials for the Summer Season

Stripe Shirts are a necessity as the warmer temperatures approach.

Stripes are a regular part of the fashion cycle, coming in and out of style at its leisure, and they are definitely in trend right now. Naturally, we’re applying this staple pattern to our Scallop Hem shirt, an essential silhouette we are constantly evolving.

We started by exploring black and white stripe versions of our Pocket Scallop Hem Shirt, which feature stripes on the front body and an inseam pocket hidden in the front yoke. It’s a subtle place to keep small items like pens and keys. The pocket shirt features our signature scallop hem and elongated length. The neutral colors make it simple to keep yourself fashion forward by providing a great palette to style and accessorize.

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When art, fashion, and music collide – meet Vinny Cha$e

How Vinny Cha$e combines his music, fashion, and art into a singular ENTITY.

Being a musician is so much more than simply making good music these days. As the digital age continues to perpetuate new media quicker everyday, it is difficult to hold a viewer’s attention – let alone turn them into a fan. Musicians are not only liked for the music they create but their overall aesthetic which is typically seen through their fashion, visuals, and art.

Fortunately for our most recent feature with Vinny Cha$e, the young Harlem representative has found a way to combine his music and style into a brand that embodies much more than just sounds. A recording artist that is known for his artistic viral music videos plus a designer that has crafted products gracing some of the biggest names in entertainment.

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The ‘Bleach Wash’ Capsule Collection is now available

Basics Evolved with our Bleach Wash Capsule Collection

Introducing our first ever capsule collection, the Bleach Wash capsule, featuring a limited run of the Cloud Bleach and Splatter Bleach Scallop Hem Long Shirts. We took our signature scallop hem long tees and applied bleach using cloud and splatter wash techniques to produce a distressed and vintage feel product that pairs perfectly with ripped black denim. The vintage bleach wash works perfectly with the distressed, over-sized, and layering trends that we seen emerge over the past couple seasons.

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Layering tanktops now available!

Whether it’s a hot day, or a chilly evening, our Layering Tanktops are for you.

It is now March and officially spring. As the temperature warms up, we wanted to offer a garment that can be worn in warmer weather while also providing an additional styling option to our current products. That led our design team and fabric engineers to craft our Layering Tanktops in six different options.

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What does a designer look for in a brand?

We met up with fashion influencer and designer John Lee and tapped into his mentality behind clothing, shopping, and quality.

On the list of most appealing fashion Instagram accounts is our friend John Lee reigning from Seattle, Washington. Apart from making his outfits stand out on a daily basis, he is a designer in the graphic and fashion industries which reflects on his style. Many of us are simply consumers who typically see clothes for the first time on a website or social media. John is unlike those as his background is immersed in the world of being a designer.

With so many different fabrics, cuts, and designs available what makes a product better than the other? Everybody has their different opinion but what are some qualities that John looks for in his purchases. I had a chance to speak with John and after we spoke, I see shopping, quality, and buying through a new lens.

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Scallop Hem Hoodies are now available!

Scallop Hems & YKK Zippers make for the perfect layering hoodies.

We love an eclectic wardrobe as much as the next person, but at the end of the day, some essentials are just that–a must. We took another classic piece that can not be denied and made it for the modern day fashion enthusiast. We gained inspiration from our current offerings and sought to provide a hoodie that is practical yet fashionable.

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Layering and colors: Find your own style within these trends with @KicksTQ

TQ speaks on layering, colors, brands, and how to find your own style within.

Layering, oversized, distressed, are all terms which fashion forward individuals are familiar with and masses are quickly learning. Those that are fashion forward have noticed the trends emerging: elongated tanks under a curved hem shirt, matching neutral tones to create a simple outfit, or combining the two with a distressed pair of jeans to captivate a look.

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