When art, fashion, and music collide – meet Vinny Cha$e

How Vinny Cha$e combines his music, fashion, and art into a singular ENTITY.

Being a musician is so much more than simply making good music these days. As the digital age continues to perpetuate new media quicker everyday, it is difficult to hold a viewer’s attention – let alone turn them into a fan. Musicians are not only liked for the music they create but their overall aesthetic which is typically seen through their fashion, visuals, and art.

Fortunately for our most recent feature with Vinny Cha$e, the young Harlem representative has found a way to combine his music and style into a brand that embodies much more than just sounds. A recording artist that is known for his artistic viral music videos plus a designer that has crafted products gracing some of the biggest names in entertainment.

What is new in the life of Vinny Cha$e?


A lot is new in my life at the moment, I cant complain. Just did the Jeremy Scott movie soundtrack, and released NEW WORLD TRADE on iTunes earlier in the year. Fashionably speaking I just released some new items in Japan which sold out immediately. I’m really grateful to my fans and all the people around the world that support me.


You recently worked with Ollie Magazine to highlight on your fashion sense, tell us your work with Ollie


I have a great relationship with Ollie Magazine which is a world wide distributed Japanese magazine, I did a photoshoot for the “90’s Glory Cap” I designed and wanted to put it in a high level street wear magazine. They have been very supportive of all that I do and ill be eternally grateful for that.

You’re known for your music, style, but overall art. Run us through your creative process…


It might sound weird to most people, but when I hear a beat I already see the video, then all I do is write what I see in my head. I don’t exactly understand how I work like that but I do lol.


As we said before, beyond your sounds you’re recognized for your fashion. What are your thoughts on today’s trends?


As far as fashion I consider it like a microwave, it’s hot really quickly then disappears. I see simple and fitted in the upcoming year of fashion. I honestly feel like ENTITY clothing is what Kanye was attempting to do but didn’t quite pull it off correctly. It’s all about the fit, it’s all about the materials and how they go with accessories. Most likely, for people truly fashionable I believe flat colors are gonna be the wave… Not too many graphic or printed shirts. But street wear is a completely different story.

So how does someone like you, a natural creative, find inspiration when immersed in industries that are constantly challenging creatives? And how involved are you in the fashion industry?


Karl Lagerfeld is my inspiration, as far as other people, I like their style sometime but it doesn’t inspire me. As far as involvement in the world of fashion, I’m very involved, I’ve had Marc Jacobs in my music videos, did Jeremy Scott’s soundtrack on his album, created the Chanel ski mask that you’ve seen on the likes of Justin Bieber, Kim Kardashian, etc. The creative director for MCM is one of my best friends and I also design items randomly for myself… So I would say yeah, I’m slightly involved in fashion lol.


Well dang! How about shoes, run us through your collection and some of your favorites…


Jordan 1-13, Rick Owens, Balenciaga, Burberry low, Gucci loafers, and lots of others… I own close to 150 pairs of shoes.

Switching up the gears here, what should we be looking out for from Vinny Cha$e in the near future…


You can expect to hear new music from me every month, I’m pushing it to the next level and forcing my peers to work harder at there craft, make sure you go to iTunes and download my latest project NEW WORLD TRADE and The next 3 bodies of work are already done, I’m sharper then I’ve ever been and I’m highly prepped to release high quality sonic art to the world… Get ready for “GOD$ OF MEN” &”OPEN MARKET” hitting iTunes this year.

As said before in order for a musician to stand out they need to embody multiple talents. Not every artist can pull it off like Vinny Cha$e, which is why we decided to highlight upon his work in this feature. Style isn’t just about what you wear but is all around you. We enjoy that Vinny doesn’t put himself in one box and explores well into other creative areas. To stay up-to-date with V. Cha$e you can follow him on Instagram via @VChaseNYC. If you don’t already, make sure you catch all of our daily uploads via @ENTITYLIFE on Instagram.