Layering and colors: Find your own style within these trends with @KicksTQ

TQ speaks on layering, colors, brands, and how to find your own style within.

Layering, oversized, distressed, are all terms which fashion forward individuals are familiar with and masses are quickly learning. Those that are fashion forward have noticed the trends emerging: elongated tanks under a curved hem shirt, matching neutral tones to create a simple outfit, or combining the two with a distressed pair of jeans to captivate a look.

With these trends breaking out we decided to speak with our friend Tareq Q out of Kuwait. The mysterious yet popular user goes by “TQ,” and shared his thoughts on the direction of fashion and about himself. Many of us have always loved fashion and style, but the same wasn’t for TQ where he explains if he has always been into fashion,

Not always; I’ve always been into sneakers, since the age of 10. In fact, I still feel strange associating myself with fashion at all. I generally approach it as a way of self-expression as well as a chance to be creative, I enjoy the thought process behind putting an outfit together.

Despite how he may feel about his association with the fashion community, he has built a name on social media for his stand out style. With high-quality images and cool outfits, he landed a few features on bigger fashion pages, where we originally found him.

If you scroll down my feed to when I first started posting you would notice that I was mainly into posting sneaker pics, the fashion was always secondary. It was @outfitgrid that helped me slowly transition into posting more pics of my outfits.


Just like many of us, TQ got his interest in fashion through sneakers but doesn’t consider himself a stylist or anything similar to that nature. We asked him to describe his style and TQ said,

I don’t know if you could say that I have a defined style, I guess it’s a mix between streetwear and high fashion. Some have labeled it as ‘Street Chic’.

TQ’s reflection upon his style is accurate as we have seen many “street chic” styles come to the foreground lately. We have seen it dramatically the past couple seasons as Alexander Wang surprisingly dropped his Jordan-inspired options. Or remember when Kanye and Jay-Z wore the Givenchy jerseys a few years ago and the jersey wave quickly followed?

Essentially, street chic can be described just as TQ said… A mix between streetwear and high fashion which is the trend for brands in between the two industries. So how does one achieve this look?

Tareq provides us fashion advice broken down into two different categories: colors and layers. When it comes to colors, we often see people matching an item below the waist with a color above the waist. I have never been a fan of this, nor has TQ where he explains,

I’m not a fan of matching items and clothing with colours e.g. red shoes with a red top. I understand that it somehow creates cohesiveness and maybe a little symmetry but I just feel that it takes away from thinking out of the box and trying to put colours together in a different way.

With neutral tones emerging, it is important to think “out of the box” and pair colors that are not identical and provide a visually enticing look.


A great example of this can be seen above where TQ offset his blue denim and grey OFF-WHITE c/o VIRGIL ABLOH shirt with the classic Jordan 1 “Bred.” The black-and-red shoe below his blue jeans and grey top provide an eye-catching contrast which is the visually enticing look I mentioned prior.

Another big trend is layering, where people wear an item longer below a base top. TQ has showed off a beautiful assortment of layering options over the year; when it comes to layering he keeps it practical,

The main objective of layering is to stay warm and comfortable. One of my go-to layering looks is wearing a hoodie under a lighter jacket (perhaps denim) and an overcoat on top. Another way to go is a tee covered by a button up (left open) with a bomber or varsity jacket over it.


Above is a great example of layering but also an effective use of color schemes. He used his ENTITY Heather Grey High-Low shirt as a base layer under his Levis & Vetements tops. The grey contrast from the High-Low upon his YSL jeans and Timberland boots provide a subtle, eye-catching look. The brown from the boots paired with the neutral blues and grays is a strong reference on how to layer and put colors together.

As fashion forward thinkers it is important for us to gain influence from our surroundings, but also put in personal feelings and display them through our wardrobe. Avoid following Kanye West and A$AP Rocky’s every fashion decision and find your own style; then introduce elements you see on others into your own outfit. Our actions begin with feelings which start as emotions and develop over time, or as TQ explains:

Dress the way you feel. Do not go out of your way to dress yourself in something you won’t feel comfortable in just because everyone else is dressing that same way. Yes, keeping up with the current trends may play a major part in how you decide to put an outfit together, but it is up to you to add your own touch to it. A person’s style can take time to come into fruition. Fashion is constantly changing with trends you may or may not choose to follow. It is important to have that foundation. I would advise people to expose themselves to as many styles as possible, don’t be afraid to fail and to experiment. When you feel like you can be content and comfortable in dressing that certain way, that’s when you know. Personal style should be a representation of yourself.

As Tareq said it is important to understand that fashion is always evolving. Items that you are wearing now were most likely designed 6 months – 2 years before you ever purchased them, with a chance of them being conceptualized years prior to that. It’s tough to forecast far into the future but one thing is for sure, influencers certainly dictate the direction fashion is headed. Remember when Pharrell and Yeezy began wearing flannels around their waist and a year later people were doing it? Well there is no denying the influence of some celebrities, here is what TQ thinks when it comes to trend forecasting,

There’s really no telling what specific trends will come. It’s evident that fashion brands are heavily influenced by the next big trend started by a well known public figure. If someone like Kanye or Pharrell decides to wear some coveralls and it catches on, expect to see some Margiela and Saint Laurent coveralls soon after. I also feel that trends are now veering towards more of a casual style, where comfort is key. Joggers and Hoodies have maintained their presence and relevance in most collections, I feel like they’re here to stay. If I had to pick a specific trend that might come next, I would have to say the pairing between Chelsea boots, or boots (in general) with a pair of joggers or sweats. You heard it here first 😉

It can be difficult to avoid popular trends, especially when it feels everybody around you has jumped on the bandwagon. Fashion is a creative industry and just like the music, writing, or the film industries; creatives run into mental blocks. When running into a style block, it is a good idea to find inspiration in your environment. Whether it be thumbing through magazines, looking at websites, or even crawling deep into a forum; we all use our resources to find new ideas and bring those into existence.

Good photography always inspires me. It somehow influences my colour palette and plays a big part in conceptualizing an outfit. Other forms of inspiration include film, music, and people such as Kanye, Jerry Lorenzo, Nick Wooster, and many more.

Overall it is important to simply be yourself. Wear what you think is cool and take risks. Learn from those around you but always stick to what is true to you. Staying ahead of the game with a strategy to buy all “hype” items isn’t always effective. Your style is a representation of you, I’ve always thought that a predominately subtle outfit complimented with a “hype” item is the best way to go. Lastly, when asking TQ how he wants to be remembered he humbly said:

As an inspiration.

To follow up with TQ you can reach him at @KicksTQ on Instagram. To get the High Low shirt that he was wearing in the photos above you can visit the ENTITY online store here. Let us know what you thought of TQ’s feature by leaving us a comment on our official Instagram at @ENTITYLIFE.