Warm fall days in LA

Today, we decided to explore the West Hollywood area of our hometown Los Angeles with our two friends from Chicago. As the winter season approaches the sun stood it’s ground proudly providing us a beautiful, warm, Californian day that Blake Banks and Jewels are certainly not used to.


The day began in the early afternoon where we stopped in to check out our display at the Kitson located on Melrose in WeHo. After hanging out in the store for a little bit, we decided to stroll down to The Pacific Design Center. We feel PDC has always been a building of appreciation  so you know we had to stop there and see that chair made for a giant.


The rolling grassy hills (literally rolling) and the oversized chair on the southwest corner of the property are staples of our city. In addition, the buildings vibrant blue, red, and magenta tones simply inspire. As we made our way back to the car, we took a moment to check out the Balenciaga retail store. The building’s landscaping is really cool, a modern design complimented with strong hits of green in the form of vines and cacti making up the exterior.


If you’re from out of town like Blake and Jewels and have never explored the Westside like this, we highly recommend it. We took inspiration from all the wonderful architecture in the area, from the retailers, to the restaurants, to the hidden courtyards, it is a truly an eye-catching area. To get the garments you see above, head over to our online shop.

Author: Brian