Exploring The Broad in Downtown Los Angeles

Everybody has been going crazy over the brand new museum in downtown LA, The Broad. Curated by philanthropist Eli Broad and his wife Edythe Broad, the showcase contains the biggest names in modern and contemporary art. For all of those that aren’t familiar with high-culture, you can essentially look at the following pieces as “hipster art.” The first piece we will show off is Takashi Murakami’s “Dob In The Strange Forest (Blue Dob)” which is constructed from fiber-reinforced plastic, resin, fiberglass, acrylic and iron. How much is something like this worth? Try $2,770,500, yea you better start saving!


The next eye-catching piece on display comes from the now 60-year-old contemporary artist, Jeff Koons. You may have seen his work before, known for his oversized shiny sculptures, Koons is known for his reproductions of banal objects—such as balloon animals produced in stainless steel with mirror-finish surfaces. Below we have his “Tulips” installation which essentially describes itself.


As part of Jeff Koons’s “Celebration,” an ongoing series of paintings and sculptures that memorialize the rituals, icons, and images surrounding birthdays, holidays, and other party occasions, Balloon Dog (Blue) may be the most imposing work.


Lastly, we have an artist who went from art student in the late 70’s, to a New York City icon, to a worldwide art staple, we know him as Keith Haring. On display at The Broad is Haring’s
“Red Room,” dates back to 1988. It can be described as monumental in size, transmitting Haring’s public, muralist sensibility to canvas. The painting demonstrates the artist’s iconic linear shapes, pulsing movement, and hierarchical arrangement. It also references Henri Matisse’s famous 1908 painting Red Room. We certainly recommend if you’re a LA local to stop by, if you’re from out of town visiting, The Broad is a must see! To get the garments you see above make sure you stop by our online shop.

Author: Brian